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Loraaa's Journal

Tuesday, May 24, 2005


I can't wait until summer. 13 more school days, 12 if you count the 2 half days as one. I'm a little on the sad side lately and everything seems like a routine and i tend to get upset alot but do not know why. It seems like i don't have friends, i have molly, and amanda, and john, and kathleen. and thats it really. but i really only hang out with molly and john it seems. the past couple of saturdays have been A plus though.
friday was prom, john looked adorable and i had alot of fun, but not at the after prom.
saturday i hung out with molly all day and it was ALOT of fun. we rode bikes.
i didn't go to school monday because i was pmsing so bad and didnt think i could deal with anyone. so i hung out with john and justin and his girlfriend for a little since it was senior cut day.
but i dont know everything feels like a routine. its just like...school, john's, work, home, tv, blah. i do have fun but when you do the same thing for so long it just gets...old. i am so excited for summer it is going to be so much fun.
my cat smells. really. really. bad.


Monday, December 20, 2004

5:00PM - When I looked into her eyes I cared enough to wonder why

how can people be so awesome one minute and then be a total ass hole the next. yeah fuck off.

i can honestly say that there are more people that i know of that i hate than people that i like.

take that porno and shove it up your ass.

Current mood: PMSing.

Monday, September 27, 2004


so today i was walking down the hallway after school with nicole singing some song. and some guy was liek looking at me..so i was like sorry. and he was like no, that was good, im actually looking for a singer for my band. and i was just like are you kidding? i suck at singing. (because i really do)and he was like no that was good. and was like meet me tomorrow and talk with my band...haha. i duno that would be totally awesome...if i wasn't HORRIBLE at singing.

Saturday, September 25, 2004

11:33AM - hdfjk hdsuiohr fkjndjkhf ejkhds;ue 09q3 75rv34hjfh89r32twfsd

blah. fuck. blah.

your overpowering my mind.

Current mood: depressed

Tuesday, September 14, 2004


school is awful, i just hate it.
nothing is going good right now. nothing.
i need something good to happen. soon.
and im just sick of everyone.
mr. clien is a douche bag.
i sadly miss hanging out with sean tom and gabe even though they are assholes.
i need some boy action up in my buisness. soon. im lonely.
and im...boring myself.

Sunday, August 29, 2004


i dont think i've ever been this excited for school to start...ever.
like...i cant wait. i dont know why considering its going ot suck after the first week. actually i can wait though, enjoy the rest of summer,get some stuff done. this summer has been pretty good.

i talked to tom today,i think it might have been the first non hateful conversation i had with him since we broke up. it was good, im happy. i think i want to become friends with tom, but nothing more i dont think.

im excited to see all of you when school starts i miss you all.

I have a lot to write about...yet do not feel like writing it even though i probably should. but i am extremely tired...yet i have like so much energy, its weird.

does anyone have lunch 2 first quarter?

because i do. and no one else that i know of does.

wow im in a really weird mood i think i shall read a book.


i've come to the conclusion that i feel useless and am not accomplishing anything...which may be one reason im excited for school to start..but anyway...so i've decided i'd like to learn to play the piano...and the drums...and its going to get done.
i hope.

Current mood: shaaaaa

Monday, August 16, 2004


i've been down the shore for 2 weeks...i got home yesterday and then molly slept over. 2 weeks is a long time to be down the shore...but it was okay.
i had to wake up at 7 today for pre-season for volleyball...it was..okay i guess. im pretty tired. doing nothing because molly is at work. djkflsfdjj

okay well if anyone is interested here is my schedual...

first semester:
block 1 art 1 - room 124
2 english-room 329
3 info tech room 258 (first quarter)
3 health and gym- 207 (second quarter)
4 iag II-2 -room 362
lunch 2 first quarter lunch 3 second quarter

second semester:
1 italian 2 room 135
2 world cultures room 330
3 biology1 room 259
4 painting studio room 124 (3rd quarter)
4 public speaking room 224 (4th quarter)
Lunch one.

Current mood: cranky

Wednesday, July 7, 2004

10:25AM - haha oooh boy.

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well guys i went to the shore this past weekend.

hm....it was a good time :) ha i love meeting new people.

i have sunburn...it still hurts. and on top of that my back hurts from water skiing. i've decided water skiing is awesome and when i go down in august for the 2 weeks im getting the one ski done.

me and molly are going to the shore next weekend and staying with my grandmom. so i think we are basically going to be able to do...whatever the hell we want. should be an awesome time. im excited.

P.S. missy your sexy and i love you and miss you. and uh..CAALLLL MEEEE

Current mood: tired tired tired

Thursday, June 17, 2004


amanda molly and i went to the mall today. it was a pretty good time.

i got a belly button ring...even though my belly button isnt peirced at the time...but im getting it re-peirced soon. so...i duno.

i got my dad a fathers day/birthday present, its a picture of mike schmidt, autographed. the guy kept calling the picture schmidy.

i got jen her birthday presents. which were a pretty cool belt and a pretty bracelette.

then i had to go to my game...it was okay but it was gross as shit outside.

i got an air conditioner in my room because its hot hot hot. yeaahhaaa.

hm...yeah...then i didnt do anything after my game. im watching sixteen candles.

Current mood: tired

Wednesday, June 16, 2004


i love summer, so much. i am just so releived i have no school to worry about. :D
i really want to find out what books i have to read this summer. i officially love reading. amanda bought perks of being a wallflower and im trying to borrow it because i heard it was good.

today was good. first i played frisbee and then knockout. then amanda came to the pool with me it was fun. there are far too many bugs in that pool though. yuck. i love the pool. its relaxing...i plan to go a whole hell of alot more than i did last year...which was like...4 times? yeah. i want to go alot alot alot.

i can't wait until vacations. i hope this summer is as good as i am expecting it to be. so far...its looking up.

so i had to ump a game today...got 30 bucks..then it started raing...get this..since it was cancelled in the 3rd inning...i have to go back tomorrow and ump the last 3 innings...but i get another 30 for that...which would be awesome..but i cant go, because i have a game of my own. damn. oh wellll.

yeah i think i got soaked within like..5 minutes. i love the rain. i love just standing in it and letting it pour on me.

Current mood: satisfactory. :D


so amanda is coming over :) i think we are going to the pool...should be a good time. so molly...i duno we tried to call you...no answer anytime...give my cell a ring if your reading this.

so far this summer all i have been doing it playing knockout and frisbee with my nieghbor scott...and juliana and philip...louis even joined in today...good times? haha whatever.

Saturday, June 12, 2004

10:23AM - ooh shit Adele!!

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yeah, thats madness.

so yesterday i took a few tylenal PM's because i think i have insomnia, so i went to bed around 6...and woke up this morning around...6 30...which sucks but i got a good sleep i must say. :) so i watched pepper anne when i woke up...and then went running. so i feel pretty good.

i want to go to the mall today...
i have to umpire at 6.
then my dad said ifi come home and like...watch my brothers annoying friends all night because he is inviting a bunch over??? yeah that he'll pay me 20 dollars...which i think i might because they will probably go out eventually anyway. so that gives me a quota of 50 + dollars today.

Current mood: a-o.k.

Tuesday, June 1, 2004


I cried:
I was becoming suicidal:
I killed myself:
I died from natural causes:
I said I liked you:
I kissed you:
I started smoking:
I was hospitalized:
I ran away from home:
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Tell me the truth no matter what:
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Love me:

Current mood: fine.

Monday, May 24, 2004


so today wasn't too bad for a monday i suppose i was just really tired. then i had to go to detention after school, which eh whatever then i had to go to the mezzanine to finish 2 projects for computer graphics. I finshed one that was due oh lets say...like 2 weeks ago maybe? so right now i have an F in that class it blows big time...to im thinking handing that in...won't change my grade at all. but hey its worth a try and it will probably bring it up a notch at least. the second one...is due tomorrow..i did not finish is but made good progress, so i'll just attempt to finish it tomorrow after school and hand it in a day late...or hey who knows maybe if i wake up ontime tomorrow ill do it in the morning. I am definatly never taking that class ever again.

Italian always sucks big time...usually i would just let the person sitting nest to me controll the group work, but now i sit next to anthony totorelli, and so..now i have to do it all...and he just sits there. ugh. so we are behind. damn. oh well.

and fuck i was going to go to cvs to buy deoderant because im clear out...and its past nine...and i think the one near me closes at 9...or..soon. huh. oh well.

so im thinking...that im finished here.
time. for. YOGA ZONE.
there is only like...3 weeks left of school I AM PUMPED UP. im so sick of it...i can't wait until i can just wake up whenever the hell i want

Current mood: calm

Saturday, May 22, 2004


and sorry i just realized that the only times i ever update this thing recently..its about how horrible my day was.
so yeah im really sorry...i just...don't have much to write about unless i need to get shit out, so that's why.

Sunday, May 2, 2004


well hey guys, this weekend was pretty good. i spent it at molly's house because most of my family was away.

friday i had practice and then went to seans, it was a good time, they're a funny crowd. i tried to let gabe let me paint his toenails hot pink....but he wouldnt let me. :/ haha that would have ruled though. we played basketball and me and tom rocked the court. with his height and my...skills. yeah that right. i was just like..so happy all day.

saturday..i had to umpire a game...it sucked alot. but the little girl that was catching was very reasurring. <3
then i went to mollys. we tried out some yoga...it was a hard workout but it felt really good..i think im going to start doing it more often. i wanted to run today but it never happened. damn...oh well it will get done tomorrow. so then after that we met up with jen nestor and missy. those girls are probably 3 of the most funniest people ever. i had to buy tampons at super wawa and as soon as i got them in my possesion like 50 people i knew walked in...haha oh well whatever.

brace face is on! i used to watch this show alot...then it dissapeared..i was talking about this with someone like..last week..i dont remember who..but uh..how ironic this rules.

it's crazy how when i read my horoscopes they seriously relate to what happened that day...nuts.

i really really really want to see mean girls. molly, nicole, amanda, and I are going to see it on friday..i hope it really happens. if it doesnt..ill..cry. or something.

Current mood: groggy

Tuesday, April 27, 2004


i've tried to update this a few times...but it just never worked out.
the weekend was pretty good, i enjoyed it. but i guess thats old news.
molly and i went to amandas yesterday after school. i've missed her alot and am glad i got to hang out with her because she is awesome and i love her alot;)
last night we went to toms and then seans later on.

these are 5 things i have decided.
1. i like going running i always feel good after. and its healthy and im going to try to keep doing it.
2. i want a job really bad, and will eventually get one soon
3. i am going to try really hard not to get pissed off so much, this is going to be hard because some people like tom mccabe are douche bags. ha no just kidding...kind of. but i am going to try unless its an understandable thing to be pissed off at and who it is?
4. i want to marry gabe.
5. i should clean my room.

Current mood: discontent

Saturday, April 10, 2004


well. yesterday was pretty good. me molly and amanda went exploring. first into this old church near my house with a cemetary. then to the creek at steal feild. i think i enjoyed myself way too much. i had to bribe amanda and molly into staying by telling them i would pay for their mc donalds. it brought back alot of memories from when i was a beastly little kid. i got a tick on me...it was gross. then we went back to my house...then to seans. good times in my opinion.

i think im going to have to go to the doctors sometime soon. im pretty sure i have an ear infection. :/ i hate my doctor alot. i've gotten alergies...i enver used to have them...they suck.

i hope everyone else is having a a good spring breeaaaak

Current mood: nauseated

Wednesday, March 31, 2004


today was pretty good.
but school went by sooo slow.
next quarter i have computer graphics...which i was going to drop because i havent taken info tech this year yet..but i guess ill just take it when im a junior and pimp it up with all the 9th graders. but im glad im taking computer graphics...i havent had an art class since last semester. sure i still draw...but i duno. i heard it was a fun class :)

after school i had softball. i love those girls. it was only till 4 o clock and we just..played wall ball. sweet? then i couldnt get picked up because my parents were busy. but thankfully i saw dennis. and he offered me a ride home, he had just gotten his lisence. nice kid.

then i went to this umpiring thang. im going to umpire games...and i get like 30 bucks a game. which is great especially considering that all the games i have to umpire on saturday and sunday mornings with the exception of one game. so ill be able to hang out when i want. :) thats a fucking good deal right thurr.

im excited...2 more days until spring break! im so happy. i want to make it like..an awesome time. but...i will probably be doing the same thing i do everyweekend. which is fine. you know what...maybe not, whatever it doesnt matter as long as not school im great.

i plan to make a trip to south street, hang out with missy :), and who knows maybe even a few other people i dont hang out with much anymore, make some new foes...(?)right, SEE THE GIRL NEXT DOOR. and basically...hang out with sean tom gabe molly. and amanda of coarse because we need to hangout so i really hope you dont go down to the shore too much. ;) and i plan to get some ass, hopefully. if not, you know its all good.

i've been pretty happy...for no particular reason. but sometimes i get a little ...um. lets say frusterated? but all is well if you really think about it i suppose.

i made really good mashed-potatoes today.

dinner was really good, but im soo full.

theres another thing..i plan to make an attempt to shed a few pounds....more than a few. im a fatty. haha....yeah.

all for now.

Current mood: calm

Tuesday, March 23, 2004

6:16PM - interesting.

i290 do45 not31
to184 have44 out31
and152 at43 of30
you104 what42 if29
the94 in42 your28
a86 im40 because28
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that74 really36 its26
just73 for36 no26
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so57 good34 know25
me53 but33 then24
like50 think32 tom23
is49 on32 all23
be46 are32 life23
LJ Word Count (Beta!) by hutta

Current mood: calm

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